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Our goal is to restore the treatment industry to its former glory. LA Valley Recovery is a patient-centered program that prioritizes honesty. We give people who are struggling with addiction a chance to reclaim their lives.

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With the intake process, we gather information about your addiction history. Our clinical staff then develops an appropriate detoxification program.

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At LA Valley Recovery, our inpatient setting involves placing yourself in a supportive and structured environment. Our team will guide you in helping to assess and determine your core issues, identifying what steps are needed to transition from addiction to recovery.

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From day one, we carefully help you plan for life after treatment, whether it involves support from friends, family, or any loved ones. You will receive references and connections to therapists and outpatient facilities in order to maintain the progress you have made.

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Explore our drug & alcohol addiction treatment services in North Hollywood, California proudly serving Los Angeles & all who are seeking recovery. We have designed our rehab program to treat each individual client with their personal customized care.

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Over 40% of people struggling with substance abuse are also dealing with mental health disorders such as anxiety, trauma or depression, also known as co-occurring disorders. People who complete rehab with untreated mental health conditions are much more likely to relapse. That’s why LA Valley Recovery treats these complex conditions with an integrated care approach that treats addiction and mental health issues at the same time.

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