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Rehab Aftercare Planning

At LA Valley Recovery, we believe that recovery is a life-long process that doesn’t end when you leave our program. It needs to be worked at every day in order to achieve long-lasting sobriety through our rehab aftercare programs.

While recovery is a lifelong process and treatment is just the beginning, with proper rehab aftercare planning you can continue your path to long-term sustainable recovery.

After entering treatment at LA Valley Recovery for addiction to drugs or alcohol our clients will find there are many resources available that will help support continued recovery after leaving our inpatient program including meetings, therapy, sober living, outpatient care, and more. LA Valley Recovery works with a number of trusted providers around the country to ensure our clients are set up for success long after they leave our program. 

Detoxification and inpatient treatment are a very important parts of the treatment process, but many people don’t know what comes after rehab is over! Addiction specialists often recommend that patients follow up with an appropriate aftercare plan for home and/or work life to ensure successful adjustment back into society as well as avoiding relapse in early recovery. Keep reading to learn how LA Valley Recovery approaches aftercare planning, for life.


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We are a facility that values integrity and compassion in order to better serve our clients. Our relationship with the client does not end when they leave our facilities. We are proud of our client outreach and have an open-door policy for all graduates who wish to contact us by phone. At LA Valley Recovery, we are concerned about the client’s future and recovery path. We want to be available for the highs and lows that come with sobriety.

How Aftercare Planning Works at LA Valley Recovery

The aftercare phase of addiction rehabilitation is an important part that plays a role in the trajectory for lasting recovery. After detox and residential treatment, people often experience symptoms like anxiety or cravings, which need to be addressed before they can move forward with their life as new sober individuals. LA Valley Recovery begins the aftercare planning process the moment you enter our program. 

We hand-craft each client a unique, individualized treatment plan that includes rehab aftercare planning and strategizing their return home once they complete our program. From setting up a support group meeting schedule to appointments at an intensive outpatient program to touring sober living homes, we help prepare you for life after rehab from the beginning. 

We offer lifetime aftercare, meaning once you are a client, always a client. We will help any client whether its finding a meeting or if they relapsed, for life.

Once treatment nears completion, here at LA Valley Recovery we offer “lifetime after rehab assistance” to help our clients as they venture into the next phases of their lives. We offer career-building workshops, mock interviews, development workshops, and can even offer you assistance in finding long-term housing or even career and employment opportunities. Our goal is to get you back to the things you enjoy, without the use of drugs or alcohol.

We want to give you all the tools for your recovery, but we also know that leaving rehab is only the start of what’s ahead. That’s why our team works with each client after they leave LA Valley Recovery facilities so there are no barriers between them and success!

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For many individuals, the path to recovery begins with detoxification. 


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We believe that recovery is a life-long process that doesn’t end when you leave our program