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Residential Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles inpatient rehab program is the most immersive and intensive treatment option for addiction to drugs and alcohol. We use proven healing therapies, addiction education, relapse prevention planning, and long-term recovery strategies.

It’s easy to feel like there is no hope when you’re addicted. Our Los Angeles inpatient rehab center wants you to know that we understand how it feels, and are here for anyone seeking recovery. We offer a variety of treatments tailored specifically toward your individual needs – whether this means detoxification or intensive inpatient treatment, we will help you achieve recovery based on what works best for you.

While you may feel lost without your addiction, there’s no need to worry because at LA Valley Recovery our experts will help guide your way to a brand new life, free from drugs & alcohol with personalized treatment plans based on what matters most: yourself.

The hard work is worth it. The journey to recovery isn’t an overnight process, but with enough time, support and effort put in, you will find yourself free from addiction’s clutches. Find your path to healing at our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Los Angeles today.


Start Your Recovery Journey Today

We are a facility for inpatient alcohol rehab in Los Angeles that values integrity and compassion in order to better serve our clients. Our relationship with the client does not end when they leave our facilities. We are proud of our client outreach and have an open-door policy for all graduates who wish to contact us by phone. At LA Valley Recovery, we are concerned about the client’s future and recovery path. We want to be available for the highs and lows that come with sobriety.

Why You Need Residential Inpatient Addiction Treatment

While addiction has been understood for centuries, it wasn’t until recently that we came to understand this as a disease. More specifically: addicts have specific changes in brain chemicals and functions following chronic habitual use of intoxicants-which makes them sick. Here at LA Valley Recovery, we approach the disease of addiction as the illness it actually is.

People who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs cannot simply stop using the substance. If it was that simple, everyone would be in recovery and addiction would not be the epidemic it is. The changes in the brain make it difficult for the person addicted to seek help, even when they know there is an issue. The denial that comes with the disease of addiction can take time to break, but it is always possible.

Even though there is no quick fix for substance abuse, there is hope! If you want your best chances at success in recovery, we recommend seeking treatment at a residential inpatient alcohol rehab in Los Angeles like ours.


For many individuals, the path to recovery begins with detoxification. 

Residential Inpatient

Find your path to healing at our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab


Substance abuse and mental health concerns often go hand-in-hand.


Recovery is a life-long process that doesn’t end when you leave our program

Discover How You Can Find Sustainable Recovery at LA Valley Recovery's Inpatient Treatment Center in Los Angeles.

The struggle to stay sober is not a simple one. Just as there are many paths leading people into addiction, there are many paths that can lead you toward lasting, sustainable recovery.


There’s no right way or wrong path when it comes down to how you recover; what matters most though? Understanding that your process will be just that, your own. Each person has different issues that need to be addressed and managed in order to achieve long-term recovery. This individualized process begins as soon as you enter our drug and alcohol rehab program in Los Angeles. If you are unsure about your needs or if you really need rehab, contact us to discuss your options and what we suggest, based on years of personal and professional experience.

Inpatient addiction treatment is the most effective and preferred mode of recovery. Let us help you begin your journey to lasting recovery at LA Valley Recovery.

In this day in age, there are so many different resources available to help with substance abuse; yet experts agree that if you want your life back on track, seeking treatment is one of the best ways to achieve that. Contact LA Valley Recovery today to get the help you need. Regardless if you come to our program or not, we will help find the best treatment options that fit your individual needs. Recovery is possible, don’t give up hope.

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