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Everyone has a unique
road to recovery.

At LA Valley Recovery,
we will pave it 

Our goal is to bring integrity and morality into recovery.

LA Valley Recovery is a patient-centered program that prioritizes honesty. People struggling with addiction are given a chance to reclaim their lives. While some programs focus solely on one aspect of treatment, LA Valley Recovery is happy to offer a comprehensive approach addressing these three key elements: physical, emotional, and spiritual.


Long-term recovery aims to treat the whole individual rather than apply a band-aid, which

keeps the treatment cycle going.


Our Approach

We believe in a meticulous therapeutic approach, holistic integration of prior belief systems, and fine-tuning one’s physical health. Each individual’s road to recovery is driven from within, and we are here to pave their road.


We are a facility that values integrity and compassion in order to better serve our clients.

Our relationship with the client does not end when they leave our facilities. We are proud of our client outreach and have an open-door policy for all graduates who wish to contact us by phone. At LA Valley Recovery, we are concerned about the client’s future and recovery path. We want to be available for the highs and lows that come with sobriety.

Our Story

LA Valley Recovery was founded in September of 2021. Within the first 4 months of opening our doors, LA Valley Recovery obtained Joint Commission, DHCS, and LegitScript accreditations. Our goal from the inception of the company was to provide a newfound sense of hope for those who struggle with the disease of addiction. At LA Valley Recovery, we aim to create an atmosphere of compassion, determination, reliability, and encouragement to those in our care. Our team consists of individuals who share the same core values as the company and will go to any length to shine light on those who have been living in the dark shadows of life in active addiction.  

Our Story

Core Values


We pride ourselves in having a great understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and actions associated with the effects of addiction. With highly trained staff members, we feel our compassion for those who have found themselves up against the ropes fighting for their lives is unmatched.


When someone calls looking for help, we have a dedicated team who will be there to answer those calls. Once admitted to LA Valley Recovery, the reliability of our team extends across ALL team members. We make it a priority to be consistent and honest with our clients.


We believe that positive affirmation and encouragement are necessary to the life skill-building process of substance abuse treatment.  We strive to ensure that our clients realize their worth, potential, and ability to succeed. Our team at LA Valley Recovery will go to any lengths to encourage our clients.  


There is no quit in our employees at LA Valley Recovery.  No hurdle too great, no task too tough.  We pride ourselves on being extremely determined to help OTHERS succeed. We feel that the success stories in our clients is the gasoline in our engine that we utilize to continue taking on any and all tasks that are presented to us. 


Meet the Team

Melik Melikyan

Chief Executive Officer


Anthony Ciarrocchi

Chief Operating Officer


Ari Labowitz

Clinical Director


Peter Vogelsang

Resident Aid

2024 Headshot.PNG

Max Chesnoff

Director of Human Resources


Eddie Dimaranan

Director of Healthcare Services


Moris Orellana

Medical Assistant


Anthony Berzoza

Resident Aid


Louis Huerta

Resident Aid


Kayla Ghassemi 

Resident Aid


Tyler Zuccarelli

Social Media Manager

Meet the Team
Core Values

Alumni Program/Follow Up

Asset 5_300x-8.png

LA Valley Recovery has a developing Alumni program that incorporates former clients in order to share fun stories, progress in recovery, and will be utilized as an extended support system for our clients. With just a quick visit to the LA Valley Recovery Facebook page, you will find our Alumni Group which will be the home base for communications amongst our former clients. 

Our clinical staff members also make it a point to reach out to our clients within 72 hours of discharge in order to make sure that our clients are adjusting to their life outside of treatment. These check-ins are also not limited to those first 72 hours. We are always open to check-ins and progress updates from our clients for as long as they are willing! 

The first 72 hours post treatment have been proven to be a “high risk” time period for relapse. Due to this fact, our clinical team makes it a priority to continue the follow up process with our clients post treatment. At LA Valley Recovery, we do not feel that the job is finished once our clients walk out the door. We make it a high priority to ensure that our clients are safe and sound even in the weeks following their treatment stay. 

Follow our LA Valley Recovery Alumni Facebook Page

Alumni Program
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Request a Confidential Callback

LA Valley Recovery is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to help you find the best treatment options for you.


Regardless if you come to our program or not, we will help you find the best personal recommendations that fit your individual needs. Request a confidential callback right now by filling out the form.

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