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Dual Diagnosis // Depression 

Depression & Addiction

Both depression and addiction are two complicated scenarios for anyone to have to deal with.  When the two are
combined, it can feel like getting through each day is impossible. Understanding the signs and symptoms of depression,
as well as the treatment options provided at LA Valley Recovery can help those suffering from depression and addiction
to make the life-changing decision to seek the help necessary. Our dedicated team has consistently proven to go to any
lengths to help our clients.

Can Depression Lead To Addiction?

In some cases, the answer is yes. In other cases, substances are used in order to relieve the symptoms of depression. Depression has different effects on people the way that substances do. According to research conducted by the National Library of Medicine, nearly 32% of those who suffer from different mental disorders also suffer from substance abuse disorders. Substance abuse is widespread in those who suffer from bipolar disorder. It is very common for individuals who suffer from mental illness to seek relief from their symptoms by using substances to improve their mood or give them energy. (NCBI)

Treatment Differences:

Depression Vs. Addiction

Substance abuse treatment begins with detoxification. The main focus at the beginning of the detox process includes medication withdrawal management. Medications have been developed to curb cravings, pains, and sicknesses due to substance abuse.Withdrawal from some substances can induce symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses. The similarities
in the effects of substance abuse and mental illness

Depression can be treated in different ways. At LA Valley Recovery, we believe that the combination of individual therapy, psychiatry, and medication approaches has held the best results for our clients. Our licensed and dedicated team of clinicians
and medical staff members have the ability to provide options to our clients to see what fits them best. Different therapeutic methods such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and other forms of psychotherapy methods are utilized in the clinical process of treating depression at LA Valley Recovery. Medication treatment consisting of antidepressants is the most common treatment for depression.

Some decide not take medication at all. That is okay too! LA Valley Recovery clinicians and our case management team will be there to help create a treatment plan that will fit your wants and needs.

What If Depression & Addiction Are Left Untreated?

The disease of addiction left untreated will eventually lead to one of three places. Jails, institutions, and death are the three results of untreated addiction. Depression left untreated can lead to high-risk behavior like substance misuse, deterioration

of critical relationships in one's life, irregular sleep and eating patterns, and overall affected thought process.


Untreated depression has been proven to affect many areas of one's life including physical health. Recent studies have shown that those suffering from depression and things like stroke or coronary artery disease have a more difficult time maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The quality of mental and physical health is extremely important to a healthy and happy life.

Benefits To Treating Depression

Treatment for depression can be extremely beneficial and a life-saving process. There are endless upsides to treating depression.

Some of these benefits include:

● Happier Lifestyle

● Improved Health

● Improved Work Performance

● Sharpened Thinking Process

● Improved Memory

● Improvement Of Relationships

● Mental And Physical Pain Relief

● Improved Sleep Pattern

Like all things, the earlier depression is treated, the more likely the results are long-lasting.  When treated, depression will no longer control your everyday life. Improving your overall lifestyle by incorporating things like exercise, healthy eating habits, and having social support are essential steps in treating depression. If you choose to utilize medication such as antidepressants, it will provide a stabilization process that will reduce things like suicidal thoughts.


Depression can be an unbearable feeling that takes over each day when left untreated. For those who decide that antidepressant medication is the route they want to take, it can be life-changing. Antidepressants help balance the chemicals in the brain to boost the ability to overcome the feelings and emotions that stem from depression. Once antidepressants begin to work on your brain, symptoms such as relentlessness, anxiety, exhaustion, and suicidal thoughts are relieved. Reducing these symptoms will begin to improve mental and physical health.

LA Valley Recovery is here to help those struggling with depression and addiction.


We are here for you

LA Valley Recovery is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to help find the best treatment options for you.

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