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Parenting Challenges While Going To Rehab

Being a parent presents constant unexpected challenges. The daily struggles of caring for children can drive anyone to a breaking point. And mixing in substance abuse to that equation makes it much more difficult.

The importance of getting the help you need to tackle your struggles is unparalleled. The choice to check into an inpatient program for substance abuse is challenging in itself. Still, putting yourself in a position to be present and the best parent possible is necessary.

This blog will discuss the struggles and obstacles or parenting challenges while going to rehab.

stress parenting and rehab
Source: LA Valley Recovery

Parenting Challenges While Going To Rehab

Parenting while going to rehab is tough. Especially when children are growing and learning new things at an alarming rate. It is common for parents to suffer from a general fear of missing out when it comes to their children, which can push aside the idea of inpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse.

The unfortunate truth about substance abuse is that most people will lack presence in meaningful relationships, including those with their children.

When those in the presence of children abuse substances, there is no real way to keep them safe. The only way to keep children safe from exposure to these situations would be to remove the individual suffering from substance abuse. This will not only keep the children safe, but by taking care of yourself and dealing with your substance abuse issue, you will increase the chances of sustained recovery and overall presence in the lives of those you love.

Financial Concerns

Financial worries during the treatment process can cause those seeking treatment to become hesitant.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Short-term disability, FLMA, and accumulated Paid Time Off may be available to you. While you are in treatment, LA Valley Recovery has a dedicated case management staff that will assist you in the necessary process to keep the cash flow for bills and necessities when possible. There are some requirements for FMLA and Short-Term Disability that you can review in one of our previous blogs here.

Fear Of Missing Out

It is common for individuals to worry about missing out on good times. The simple fact is that when one is in active addiction, they focus on their substance of choice and not so much on time spent with those they love. Substance abuse causes those affected to hyper-focus on the process of obtaining and using their substance of choice.

stress parenting and rehab LA
Source: LA Valley Recovery

Committing to treatment to better your overall mental, physical, and emotional health will allow future situations to be appreciated and those involved to be more present. The times missed due to being in treatment will be less important than all the time spent in the future with a more current and focused individual who has gotten help for their substance abuse issue.

Fear Of Losing Children

The stress of parenting while in rehab is a feeling that is hard to explain. A lot of the stress results from the fear associated with the process. The fear of having children taken away by Child Protective Services (CPS) due to seeking treatment for substance abuse is a common fear that drives parents away from the help they need. This should not be a deterrent for parents seeking treatment. There are steps to prepare your family for your absence due to seeking treatment.

● Figure out who will be the primary caregiver while you are gone

● Will the children stay at home or with the caregiver?

● Will the caregiver have the legal right to decide about situations regarding your children?

● Are your children's extracurricular activities affected by your absence? Make arrangements to avoid this when possible.

Taking the proper measures to have these things taken care of before admitting yourself to treatment will ease some of the worries that can be an issue throughout the treatment process.

If there are things such as child abuse, neglect, unfit living situations, and other serious issues that will cause CPS to intervene, whether substance abuse is involved or not is a different situation. This is much less of a concern for families who maintain a healthy environment for their children but struggle with substance abuse. Despite the fear of losing custody of children being a serious concern, exposure to substances at a young age can cause more damage to the children than the separation during treatment.

What If My Children Think Differently Of Me?

When seeking substance abuse treatment, it is vital to have good communication among your family members. This doesn't mean you have to fully disclose the severity of your substance abuse and its shocking details.

But explaining that addiction is a disease that can be treated with the proper level of care can ease their worries to some extent. This option will allow you to avoid the shock of a parent just disappearing from their daily routine without explantation which could potentially cause an even bigger issue.

parenting and rehab
Source: LA Valley Recovery

It is not uncommon for children to pick up on some of the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, so communicating the issue clearly with the family is vital. It can avoid causing the children to blame themselves for the situation. Those who commit to their treatment process and continue the actions taken to recover from substance abuse will have the chance to achieve the benefits of rehab and improve their overall health.

Parenting while seeking treatment for substance abuse is a stressful scenario that can be tough to wrap your head around. These situations can be made a bit easier with proper preparation and communication amongst the family.

The productivity of your treatment process will increase by; taking the time to communicate with your employer to keep funds coming in to support your family and speaking with your loved ones about your struggle. And trust that you will have the opportunity to make new and improved memories with those you love once you have changed your ways for the better.

If you are seeking treatment for substance abuse and would like a confidential call back from a trusted team member, fill out our contact form here, and you will receive a call from our team.


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