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Places To Relax In LA While On Your Recovery Journey

Los Angeles may be the city of Angels, but it has its demons. Over 4 million people call LA home, with one of the worst cities impacted by the opiate epidemic; over 65,000 of the population are homeless. Naturally, the temptations of city life come with binge drinking, all-nighters, and “high-flying” activities. In other words, the drugs and alcohol accompanying many leisure activities do not need to be enjoyed while intoxicated.

We will discuss some more sustainable, relaxing hobbies and activities you can enjoy while being sober in the City of Demons. I mean Angels.

Source: LA Valley Recovery

Find Solitude in Nature

California has some of the country's most beautiful national parks, preserves, lakes, beaches, and mountain peaks. Not to mention that the weather is perfect hiking-outdoor weather all year round, so why not enjoy what Mother Nature offers?

Sometimes it is as easy as taking a walk or hiking.

Joshua Tree is one of the most remarkable places In Southern California. Known for its hiking, camping, photography, rock climbing, and serene desert scenery.

Check out this all-you’ll-need guide here for your trip to Joshua Tree.

Best Place to Hike in Los Angeles

  • Franklin Canyon Park

  • Wilacre Park

  • Eaton Canyon

  • Topanga State Park

  • Malibu Creek State Park

Best Beaches in Los Angeles

  • Venice Beach

  • Fisherman’s Village

  • Dockweiler Beach

  • Marina Beach

  • Will Rogers State Beach

  • Sunset Beach

Work Hard, Play Harder

Many activities, such as playing pool, going to an arcade, go-karting, and outdoor sports, are possible all over LA County. These can be fun-sober activities in which you can interact with others, meet new people, and enjoy family and friends' company in different ways!

  • The Griffith Observrarty

  • The Hollywood Sign

  • The Getty Museum

  • The Last Bookstore

  • Barnsdall Art Park

  • The Broad Museum

  • Rent a Jetski

  • Two Bit Circus

  • Local Arcades

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall

Start a New Hobby.

Start rock climbing, start collecting rocks, we don't care; just start doing something you are genuinely curious about!

Ride a Bike

There are beautiful bicycle paths all over Los Angeles. Get yourself a new bike, or dust off that one in your garage! One of our favorites is the L.A. River BikeWay.

Whatever it may be, find enjoyment in the things that give you peace of mind. Finding this can be hard when a lot of what we used to consider fun had to do with drugs and alcohol. There is a way out of that vicious cycle of drug and or alcohol addiction. LA Valley Recovery could be that way out for you! Contact us today for one of the best inpatient treatments in all of Los Angeles.

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