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Strategies For Celebrating New Year's Eve In Recovery

The new year is almost among us, and alcohol seems to be a part of the celebrations, but this doesn't mean we have to partake in unhealthy festivities no matter how much we want to.

Society claims you must go out with a bang to enjoy New Year's Eve. This includes binge drinking and putting substances in your body that don’t belong there (aka–drugs).

New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate your life, to show your loved ones, friends, and acquaintances that you are grateful for another year of life! While many people consider New Year's Eve a time to let loose and “go all out,” you can do this while not participating in the age-old tradition of getting wasted and waking up in the new year, barely remembering the previous one.

We want to talk about ways for you to get through the New Years' Eve celebrations while sober and in recovery.

Celebrating holidays in recovery
Source: LA Valley Recovery

Tell your family/friends you are sober

It is not necessary to explain yourself to everyone in your family about your sobriety. However, when offered a drink, you can say, “I am not drinking for a while.” or something similar to that if you are uncomfortable sharing your addiction story. You could always share with them later on when you are more confident in your recovery.

Write down a support list

Get your sponsor's number ready to dial if you feel like having a drink or using illicit substances during New Year's Eve. A good support system is always recommended when recovering and staying sober.

Plan out your drinks

Plan out your non-alcoholic drinks. Make sure to grab some extra Diet Coke or sparkling water to enjoy yourself and feel like you are still a part of the group while others drink alcohol.

Get up and move

Many people are hungover on New Year's Day, but by being sober, you can plan a workout routine or do some yoga. You will set yourself up for success the next year by starting right rather than starting hungover. Set your New Year Goals and stick to them!

Holidays in recovery
Source: LA Valley Recovery

Plan some personal time

Whether you go into a different room to isolate yourself from everyone else, run to the bathroom to do a little meditation, step outside for some fresh air, or just get some time to yourself, whatever option you take doesn't matter as long as you can remind yourself of how far you have come and how much you have to live for, to help keep you grounded and on the right path towards sobriety.


Being sober at a bar or party can unlock a new kind of person inside you. It gives you an opportunity to see all these people struggling to stand up straight, barely able to have a conversation, and getting sick, all for no logical reason. You can do all of these and more. You can be the guest that everyone remembers, even if they don't remember much the following day–they'll at least remember you!

These are just a few tips from us at LA Valley Recovery to survive New Year’s Ever when in recovery. It can be tough to stay sober, so we are available 24/7 for support.

Call us at (844) 777-5287 or email us at if you have any more questions or concerns about sobriety and recovery.


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